“Thank You for Choosing Canada”

From: Robi / Dec 25, 2020

Short time ago, we received our renewed permanent resident (PR) cards. This renewal confirms that our immigration journey hit its 5th year anniversary. A lot may be written on how and what we had done on our adventure from Istanbul to Toronto. It had all started as a contingency plan, something like “we will think about this sometime in the future”, but then we managed to kick it off and refreshed our lives in 2017.

Anyway, on the accompanying letter that we recently received with our new PR cards, it says “thank you for choosing Canada” and “we hope you apply for the citizenship, too.” Isn’t it a great approach; motivating the newcomers to make them feel that they are welcome in Canada? Certainly, this is kind of a window dressing since Canada is depended on immigration to continue its economic growth; nevertheless it made me happy to receive such a warm written letter, especially when it is sent by the government.             


Tali Bahar
26 December 2020 at 7:01 AM

Very nice approach??
Especially thinking racist policies all around the world againg immigrants.

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