Snowy Sunday

From: Orli, March 1, 2021


It Orli again, today I will tell you about what I did last Sunday. 

We woke up at 8:00. We were in a little rush because we had to go snow tubing. It was so fun and we went with my cousins and my friend.

But because of Corona we only had 2 hours. However it was amazing.  We rode with 4 people together, even with 5 and 6. We were screaming like crazy while we were sledding down the hill.

After tubing, we went to a restaurant.It felt as if it was for the first time in forever I went to a restaurant.

As usual, I want to finish my blog with a joke:

“Who rules the school?”

“The ruler!”. Hahahahahahahahaha  :):):):):):):):):):):):)