Our Trip to Orillia

From: Albi / Dec. 29 2020

As our blog started to get bigger with more posts, I noticed that we didn’t write about any of our trips. So, today I’ll mention about our Orillia vacation we had this past summer. Even though it was a very short trip, I think it is one of our great getaways. 

First of all, I really think that having a trip means seeing and going to new places you haven’t been to. The place you are travelling to is the second most important thing. That’s why Serra, Berry, my cousins (Lerry, Jeremy) and we went to a small town, called Orillia. Orillia is a beautiful cottage village, placed a little north of where we live. It is right next to Lake Couchiching. Cottages are small houses, just like cabins, where people go and spend their summer. 

Anyways, it took almost 1 and a half hours for us to get there. Just like I said, it was a tiny place; however, it had amazing lake views and sunsets. Our hotel was right next to the highway and was very close to the main street, named Mississaga St. It was full of restaurants and cool souvenir shops, just the right street for people visiting (us). Sadly, most of the shops were closed due to the pandemic.

Surprisingly, that day the town was having a summer fest, where the main street closes down to cars or any other vehicles and all the restaurants put chairs and tables on the street. At that time (early August) our province, Ontario, had some restrictions against indoor dining. So, this summer fest was the perfect opportunity for us to enjoy good food despite Covid. That night, a few hours after we came, we walked almost all of Orillia Downtown and had a very nice meal in an Italian restaurant. Before our dinner, at the end of the main street, we ran into an antique cars exhibition, where we saw about 20 of them. They were really old; but, it was obvious that they had been very well kept and maintained. 

Later, we went to the lake shore and took a quick walk before going back to our hotel. 

The next morning, which was our last day as we stayed there for only 1 night, we took a short hike in the big forest-like park right next to our hotel. After a while of walking, we finally arrived to Lake Couchiching. Although it was a rainy day, I couldn’t help getting my feet in the water. Interestingly, it was much warmer than I expected. 

What a great experience it was, staying and seeing a new town while in the middle of this worldwide disaster. Having a trip away from home and changing our vibes, even just for one day, was really worth it. I hope we are going to have similar and even better opportunities to go and visit new places in the near future. 🙂


Tali Bahar
8 January 2021 at 7:57 AM

Putting it to my list…we have to start listing place you will take us when we come to Canada. Vaccines started in Israel, hopefully soon we’ll able to fly 🙂
Who knows maybe in few months..

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