Captain Underpants

From: Orli / Dec, 28th 2020


It’s me, Orli. Today, I am gonna tell you about a book I’m reading. It is called Captain Underpants. There’s lots of series of it. I’ll tell you the main story. There were two cool kids, named George and Harold but they had a mean principal, named Mr. Krupp. One time George and Harold hipnotized Mr.Krupp with the 3-D hipno-ring. George and Harold made him think he was a superhero, named Captain Underpants. It was funny at first,but then Mr. Krupp jumped out the window. George and Harold had to chase after him, so he wouldn’t get killed or hurt. Then one day Captain Underpants accidentally drank super Juice. Now he has superpowers, he can fly, too. They have many adventures with lots of inappropriate bad guys. (like, toilet monsters, butt faces, pee spread monsters) 🙂

Let me finish my story with a joke:

“Why is 6 afraid of 7?”

“Because 7, 8(ate) 9” ha ha ha!!!!!


2 January 2021 at 3:50 PM

Orli you are really cute. Leo also likes captain under pants. However your joke is more enjoyable than the captain under pant. Go on to write little princess

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