Canada’s Wonderland

From: Orli / Jan 15, 2021


It’s Orli again. Today, I am going to tell you about our trip to Canada’s Wonderland in May 2019. Canada’s Wonderland is one of the biggest amusement parks in Canada. It has so many different areas to explore with so many different activities. 

Our visit was magnificent. We went on the spinning teacups and on the biggest roller coaster for kids. My dad, as always, got very scared, even though it was for kids, he kept his eyes closed during the ride on the roller coaster. We also rode the carousel, which wasn’t that fun. But, everything else was so great and amazing. My favourite ones were the rocket ship and the roller coaster.

There was a type of village in there and we got some snacks (chocolate milk and croissants). It was full of people and many cafes. We went to a restaurant and the workers there gave me a stuffed animal for a souvenir. There were so many different types of animals and I chose a penguin, which I named as “summer” because penguins live in the winter, but now this one lives in the summer. 🙂

After that, my mom and Albi went on one of the big roller coasters. It looked very scary. Then we did a few more rides and then we went home with Summer, my new penguin. It was so fun. 

As usual I want to finish my post with a joke.

“What do you call two friends on a boat?”

“Friendship” (friend ship)

Hahahahahahahahaha !!!! 🙂