Camping is Fun

From: Orli & Albi / Jan. 24, 2021


It’s Orli again, but this time I am writing with my brother, Albi. On this post, I am going to tell you about our camping trip last summer. Before we arrived our camp spot, we bought supplies and materials for the camping area. We got a very big tent, a smaller tent for the picnic table, marshmallows, sleeping bags, crackers and hand sanitizers. It took us almost 1 and a half hours to get to the park. 

Right after we came, we noticed it was pretty muddy, which could be a problem. However, miraculously the place to put our tent wasn’t muddy at all. The first thing we did after we arrived was put up our tent. It was pretty big. Then we set up the other tent, which we put over the picnic table. It was to block any mosquito from coming near our food. 

Before it got dark, we collected sticks and some branches. It was windy and some of the branches were falling off the trees. It scared us. 

Anyways, we probably spent 25 – 35 minutes grouping big sticks and then placing them in the fire-place. However, starting the fire was another big problem. 🙂 My dad and Albi spent so long, trying to light it, by burning newspapers to start the fire. In the end, while they were almost to give up Albi got a very good idea: Burning the sticks with the hand sanitizer. It worked perfectly and ran on fire like instantly. 

At night we made bbq (some amazing hotdogs) for dinner and smores/marshmallows for the dessert. We told (mostly Albi) scary stories to each other while sitting around our camp-fire. It was very dark and our fire lit up the whole area we were staying in. The forest was so beautiful and relaxing. Before we went into our tent we did a quick bathroom run. Walking in the forest while everything was so dark, I got kind of scary, too. 

Then we took our shoes off and jumped into our sleeping bags. To make sleeping bags more softer, we also brought yoga mates and placed them under the bags. I think everyone had a good sleep. 

At midnight, it rained non-stop. However, our extra large tarp that we placed over the tent (just for if something like this happened) saved the night and we didn’t even get a drip of rain on us. In the end, the night was pretty comfortable. 

Next morning, we had breakfast and then started to hike. The walk path wasn’t too challenging and we took several nice photos. After that we packed all our material and left the park. It was an experience we will never forget. I hope we get to go again this summer and stay for longer.  

Like always, I want to finish my post with a joke.

“Why can’t skeletons go to parties?”

“Because they have nobody (no body) to go with!”

🙂 Hahahahaha!! 



28 January 2021 at 2:13 PM

Sevgili orlika..
Cok guzel yazdin.her ne kadar Albi yardim etmis olsada.bu senin yazin..
Camp geziniz muhtesem gecmis..sen cok cesur bir kizsin..wc ye gitmen karanlikta gece..yok ben yapamazdim acikcasi..ben korkagim galiba..
Yeni yazilarini merakla bekliyorum
Seni cok optum..
Seni cok seviyorum..

2 March 2021 at 5:23 PM

looks cool love it Nina Shapiro

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